Making an appointment

If you think your child needs to see a paediatrician, visit your family doctor and discuss your concerns with them first. They will assess your child and make a referral to an appropriate paediatrician.

At Leading Steps we know health issues can be complex and getting the correct diagnosis and management plan for your child will make a difference into the future. That’s why children seen in our clinic are generally given one hour as a new patient with a new problem and 30 minutes for a review consultation.


Our clinic takes its responsibilities to improve the health of children very seriously and this includes teaching medical students from Bond University andAdvanced Training Paediatric Registrars. If you prefer not to have a student or registrar present during the consultation, that is absolutely fine. Please just tell the secretaries or Paediatrician.


Appointment toolkit:

To make the most of your appointment consider the following "appointment toolkit".

  • GP referral

  • List of main reasons for your visit and your three top concerns.

  • List of relevant questions you want to ask.

  • List of any medications your child is taking, including complementary therapies.  Include the dose (how much medicine) and how often.

  • Your child's health record booklet and any relevant medical results.

  • For school age children bring a copy of their report, educational assessment or letter from teacher if relevant. 

Preparing your child

Talk to your child about the purpose of the appointment and what they might expect. Some children like to be involved in the "appointment toolkit" and can assist with gathering information and adding any questions they might have.

Children learn best during play, and this may be a time when they feel most comfortable asking any questions regarding fears they may have. You can use a doll or teddy bear to show a young child how the doctor will measure height and weight or demonstrate parts of the routine exam. 

Leading Steps Paediatric  Clinic is purpose built and designed to be attractive and welcoming to children and our friendly team do all they can to make a visit to the paediatrician a really positive experience.

Call our rooms on 07 5564 9668 to find out about making an appointment.