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Dr Annelise Wan

Dr Wan is a consultant paediatrician who began her professional career as a physio, working at Westmead Children’s Hospital (with Dr Scott Blundell) before changing over to study medicine at the University of Sydney.

Dr Wan loves working with children (and exams!) so specialising in paediatrics was the next step.

With a husband who travels with work Dr Wan has spent time in South East Asia, India, UK and the Middle East, making her aware of the global health issues facing children today and inspiring her to add a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine to her growing list of qualifications.

While these achievements might be enough for most people Annelise is also a mother to four young boys. She says, “ I don’t think having children is a prerequisite to being a good paediatrician, but it has certainly made me a better one!”