Newborn babies are a joyous and challenging responsibility. It’s reassuring to know that you have the guidance and support of your Paediatrician every step of the way.

Our priority is to ensure your baby has the best start to reach their full potential.


Although most babies are born healthy, a few babies have unexpected disorders and, occasionally, life threatening emergencies. 

Leading Steps Paediatricians are on call 24/7 to provide the highest-level care if difficulties arise.

Your Paediatrician will carefully examine your baby and review their antenatal history, and then monitor their feeding and progress through their hospital stay. They will follow up any abnormal screening tests and provide advice and assistance.

At private hospitals babies are under the care of a private Consultant Paediatrician, so parents know their baby is receiving the highest quality care. 

The Paediatrician will attend regularly to check the baby’s progress. Many parents take this opportunity to ask some of the many questions that come up once the baby is born.  

Once home, new parents are encouraged to ring their Paediatrician directly if they have any concerns about their baby, especially during the first six weeks.

In Australia the Royal College of Physicians recommends well babies have a full check at birth, before discharge and then at six weeks. 

The six-week check is an important time for the Paediatrician to look at growth and development as well as fully examining the baby. Cardiac problems often don’t become apparent until the baby is a few weeks of age. Much of the consult is devoted to helping with routines and settling.

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Fees: Babies admitted to the Special Care Nursery are fully covered under their parent’s private health insurance. Leading Steps Paediatricians do not charge a gap for this care.

Babies who are not admitted to Special Care Nursery (those on the postnatal ward) are generally not covered by private health insurance funds but costs of consultations are partially covered by Medicare.

If families reach the Medicare Safety Net in a given year (often the case for patients who have paid a private obstetrician) the Medicare rebate covers 80% of private paediatric care.

For all enquiries including estimated fees please call the Leading Steps Paediatric Clinic  on  07 5564 9668