See a specialist paediatrician from the comfort of your own home or GP surgery


Telehealth consultations are available for those who live outside of the metropolitan areas (excluding RA1 see map).

Telehealth consultations may be conducted from your own home or referring doctor's surgery.

Online consultations mean if you are located outside the metropolitan area you can now access expert paediatric advice when you need it, from the comfort of your home or GP surgery.

Call our rooms on 07 5564 9668 to find out about making an appointment.

Telehealth: Frequently asked questions 

What equipment do I need?

The following equipment is needed for a telehealth consultation, either at your home or in your GP’s surgery:

  • A computer with internet connection
  • An attached or inbuilt web camera

How do I make a booking?

  • Obtain a referral from your GP as you normally would to see a specialist.
  • Check to see that you are eligible here
  • Ring 07 5564 9668 to make an appointment.

What does it cost?

  • The government has provided subsidies to make it easier for regional and country families to access good paediatric care. This makes online consultations less expensive than standard consultations. The specialists at Leading Steps all have slightly different billing arrangements. Please call 07 55649668 for a free quote.

What if I would prefer a face-to-face consultation?

  • On line consultations are a service for families who might find it hard to access great paediatric care where they live.
  • If you would prefer to visit our clinic please call 07 5564 9668 to make an appointment.